**How to start your journey with Meow Protocol**

Starting your journey with Meow is simple. You can earn Meow’s governance token, $MEO, and Meow’s reputation token, $Meow, by depositing or borrowing in Meow.

Based on your monthly contribution(Meow’s reputation token) ranking, you will have the opportunity to share the monthly reward pool of 2000 $USDC, and an extra $MEO bonus.

Additionally, when you deposit in Meow, you can earn interest.

About $MEO:

About $Meow:

https ://meowprotocol.gitbook.io/doc/meow-reputation-system/introduction

About Deposit APY:

https://meowprotocol.gitbook.io /doc/about-supply-and-borrow/borrow-interest-and-deposit-apy

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