Debit card for scroll sepolia

I see that NFT have a cards , Can Scroll sepolia have one , Here some websites


Not a bad idea. Maybe this will work.


I think i find a way to exchange Cryptocurrency coin this how we can do, debit and credit card they can do a cashback program with coins like the amount to transaction fee is 3% - 1% can be cashback with scroll sepolia eth so in this way we have made ROI and the exchange of the coin, And also the coin can be sell for cash.


When the Transaction of the coin comes it’s easy to exchange the coin Network because there is a value.


I think the orders of the Credit card must be limit to One Card for the duration of one year depend on the issuer and the jobs that you work , That will give a chance to people to work in there jobs and collect the Crypto coins , The registration must be with your country National ID Or Passport No.


Telecom Companies also can make ROI by offer for their customers a rewards by coin

Also POS can do the ROI by Changing the point that the customer collect to coins

let’s try to make Scroll Sepolia Better , I just join a website for Accounts and Virtual Cards and make a team Virtual Cards for Facebook Google ADS is offering a Bitcoin Cloud miner , This we can do mining and exchange Scroll Sepolia with BTC they also have LTC and DOGE