New protocol idea

Hello! I’m Yaya, an entrepreneur, researcher and developer. I’m launching a protocol with focus on web3 mass adoption. As you guys now, today we are seeing new experiments in blockchain technologies, from DeFi to NFTs. But I fell that a lot of these experiments are more concentrated on the monetisation rather than bringing real utility. So my idea is to create a protocol that could onboard non-crypto people easily and with real utilities.

It’s a protocol that will let businesses, especially in the food and beverage industry to launch exclusive offers that people can collect as NFT. Whoever collect that specific NFT can then use it to unlock real life benefits in a specific business. It could discounts as premium services. To do something that can truly onboard, we need scalability and cheap fees. That’s why I thought that validity proofs are the right technology. I already received a grant from Starkware, and I would like to launch also on Scroll since I believe in the team vision.

Here I share the litepaper of the project, it’s still early, but I truly believe that this vision can bring adoption, especially on Scroll. I have many connections with multiple brands and businesses + creators and celebrities with big following too. Would like to have some feedback. And if someone want to join the project we are open.


Hi yaya. I noticed your project and it’s an interesting idea. scroll is a community driven place and you are more than welcome to deploy

Please stay updated to let others know the latest developments


fast rolling project. keep building

Keep building team. Looking forward to this project success