Scroll discord server

Good day guys. How’s everyone doing. I just sent a message in the scroll discord channel and i got an error message which disappeared immediately. After just sending a “how’s everyone doing” message, I realized i am out of the server. I have been in the server for months and have about 5 roles including the OG role. Now I can’t even get back into the discord to lay a complaint. Is there any suggestion or a way out of this. Painful part is I don’t even know what i did

I have the same problem. Contacted scroll MDs here. No answer.

Hey @12strong and @daavi,

sorry that this happened to you. If you don’t mind, would both of you be able to DM me your Discord username so that I can look into this?

My Discord username is swagtimusprime, you can simply DM me there. Thank you!

I have messaged you on discord as i have the same issue