CANT get verified on discord

Ive tried to get verified by the Wick bot but once I click verify and it says successful, I come back to the server and nothing happens.

I am having the same issue, has this been solved or are there any ways to make it work please?

almost everyone experiencing that but you can tag the mod and get everything work out

For me, it wasn’t working for a couple of weeks so I just kept leaving the discord and rejoining and eventually it worked.

Hey, for anyone else having this issue:

Discord has certain rate limits for bots assigning roles to users. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about this - if too many people join in a short amount of time, the verification bot will run into this issue.

The fix is either to simply wait until you are assigned the role,
or if you haven’t been assigned the role after a few hours, try to leave the server and re-join and verify again.

We’re aware this is an annoying issue, but we have talked to Discord as well as the verification bot we use, and there is unfortunately nothing we can do about this.

i’ve recently had the same issue, but after waiting a couple hours it got resolved. probably either a bot issue or the gigantic amount of new users…