Where can I find the Scroll batcher code?

Hi everyone! I’m analyzing Scroll’s sequencer code, and I’m stuck in the middle of analyzing how the sequencer generates batches and posts them to L1. Unlike other rollup projects, I can’t easily find the batcher code in scroll’s repositories from ‘go-ethereum’ and ‘scroll-prover’. As a result, I’m trying to figure out the minimum time interval that the Scroll’s sequencer should have to post a batch to L1. Where can I find this logic? Am I looking in the wrong repository? Plz help me :smiling_face_with_tear:


I think it is in there: https://github.com/scroll-tech/scroll/tree/develop/rollup
but I am not sure.

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yes, you are right, it’s in https://github.com/scroll-tech/scroll/tree/develop/rollup

and https://github.com/scroll-tech/scroll/blob/develop/rollup/internal/controller/watcher/batch_proposer.go
in specific

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Thank you bro! That’s exactly what I try to find!