Scroll-IP-01: Integration of Cross-Chain Asset Swaps on Scroll

Author: Pintea Tudor
Status: Draft
Type: Standards Track
Category: Core
Created: November 1, 2023


This Scroll Improvement Proposal (Scroll-IP) suggests the introduction of cross-chain asset swaps within the Scroll platform. The objective is to enhance the utility of Scroll by enabling assets to be exchanged between Scroll and other prominent blockchains in a trustless manner.


While Scroll offers enhanced scalability and security for Ethereum, the broader blockchain ecosystem is evolving into a multi-chain environment. To ensure Scroll remains at the forefront of this evolution, it’s crucial to facilitate seamless interactions with other blockchains.


  1. Atomic Swaps: Integrate atomic swaps to allow trustless exchange of assets between Scroll and other blockchains.
  2. New Contract Type: Introduce a new smart contract type, CrossChainContract, to handle the logic for cross-chain interactions.
  3. Supported Chains: Initially, support will be added for prominent chains like Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and Cosmos, with plans to expand based on demand and compatibility.
  4. Fee Structure: Transactions involving cross-chain interactions will have a separate fee structure, considering the potential cross-chain gas costs and the computational requirements of the atomic swaps.


Cross-chain interoperability is becoming a defining feature of modern blockchain platforms. By integrating atomic swaps into Scroll, we can ensure that users and developers can maximize the utility of their assets and dApps across multiple chains.

Backwards Compatibility

The proposal introduces new functionalities but does not alter the core Scroll operations or its zkEVM. As such, it remains backward compatible with existing Scroll implementations.

Test Cases

  1. Cross-Chain Transaction Validation: Ensure that transactions involving CrossChainContract are validated and processed correctly across chains.
  2. Fee Assessment: Confirm that fees for cross-chain interactions are competitive and reflect the computational and operational costs involved.

Reference Implementation

A reference implementation will be provided on the Scroll GitHub repository under the branch feature/cross-chain-asset-swaps.

Security Considerations

Cross-chain interactions introduce new potential vulnerabilities, especially around atomic swaps and potential chain reorganizations. Ensuring the security of the atomic swaps and the integrity of assets across chains will be paramount.

Copyright Waiver

This Scroll-IP is released into the public domain.

This Scroll-IP proposes a new feature to enhance the interoperability of Scroll with other blockchains, ensuring that it remains a central player in the evolving multi-chain ecosystem.