How to be a node operator for scroll?

I would like to run a node for scroll, but cant find any guides on how to. Are we early for that or is it gated?


You might wanna check GitHub - scroll-tech/go-ethereum: Scroll's fork of the official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol or stuff like Axelar Documentation


What are the requirements for being a Scroll node operator?



Seems like 2 or 3 execution node accounts for all the sequencing.

Is that how that is supposed to be?
Is it because of the competition?
Can I also run with minimum spec and be able to sequence?

May I know the spec requirement for Execution Node, Rollup Node, Prover Node and Zktrie Node?

Which of these can be run by anyone?

Side note would love a dappnode package to eventually become available as it makes the process so much easier!

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