Add native meme/social-fi $Scrolly to Marks points

GM Scrollies. Believe it is known by now… Retail and community clearly needs a few wins in order to achieve a sense of belonging and actually create a thriving ecosystem.
Im glad the Marks campaign is attracting capital to Scroll, but do not miss the opportunity here to do something different and actually reward builders and community projects within the chain.

Meet $Scrolly
A project with a hard working team who is building on Scroll for many months. They got acknowledged by Sandy on a tweet earlier this year.
Built a cool social hub, with a NFT launch platform and also name services.
I believe this is the kind of project that needs some help from Scroll to be recognized and foster growth. Retail does not have 100+ eth to bridge, stake and forget. But they will gladly bridge and bid on official memes that are recognized and endorsed by the foundation. It is also a damn cute little mascot.

Feel free to contact them and make sure all incentives are aligned. They only have around 10% of the supply and have not been selling at all. Liquidity is burned. All I ask is for you to take a look and also use the experience shown on Solana and many others. Memes are here to stay and they need to be a part of any chains vision imo.

Appreciate your attention.


I have to admit that I really like the atmosphere that emanates from Scrolly, they’re a partnership with a lot of protocol, and they’ve also built a lot in recent months.
I would like to have them as marks too, I guess it is a good way to gain more retention of users on Scroll Network than only bridging assets

IMO, scrolly should be included in session 2 as a community coin.
With scrolly’s recent developments, I believe it is a good candidate to be a “memecoin” in scroll’s community with its various activity introduced.

Make it happens Scroll, listen to your loyal community here, as Scrolly deserves session 2 with great merit!

Scrolly = main meme coin of Scroll. And this is meme cycle. So pls.

Glad to be a Scrolly holder :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: